Todd J. Coulter

Playable Mysteries is the working title for a new theater/dance hybrid work that explores how acts of queer intimacy can disrupt normative expectation and desire. Support comes from a Humanities Grant from Colby College and the piece was workshopped in Alexandra Beller's choreolab. Featuring: Sara Gibbons, Zëk Stewart, and Zachary Denison.


iwantyoutowantmetowantyoutowantme: a selected bibliography is a trio that questions how a sampling 'canonical' gay and lesbian texts create expectation and behavior and more specifically how text might create space for queer bodies and desire. A work-in-progress-showing will be part of WAX Works at Triskelion on December 4th. An expanded version will be shown in a shared bill with Annie Kloppenberg also at Triskelion on January 26-28, 2017. Featuring: Cat Wagner, Zëk Stewart and Zachary Denison.